Picture of the Day for 06-28-2006
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At some point sun block starts to look like shaving cream. This is one spf protected kid. I really like this photo, alot.
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Gpa Eesh Great pic. Jun 28th 2006 04:47:43 AM
Admin It's a grandpa Eesh sighting! Jun 28th 2006 07:07:16 AM
bubbymarg Grandma is certainly enjoying her grandson, and I am certain that Toby enjoys all the attention he has been receiving. Love Jun 28th 2006 12:40:20 PM
Admin yeah, we are a little concerned that Toby might not agree to share his attention come September when KTBNL is born (KTBNL = Kid to be Named Later) Jun 28th 2006 01:38:30 PM