Picture of the Day for 06-30-2003
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Here it is. My last day of Invesmart. Over 4 years of my time was here. Another chapter closed. Here is the farm house I used to spend my summers as a youth. I saw it for the first time in 20 years last week. That was another chapter long ago.
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Cheers Who needs InvesFart. Look at this as an opportunity. U R lucky to be getting off of the Titanic! Swim Aaron, be free!!!!! Jun 30th 2003 01:30:19 PM
Stuck at InvesFart Run don't walk away. Part of me wishes I'd get the boot too. Most of us are stuck here waiting for our turn. Jul 1st 2003 03:46:22 PM
Admin My only advice is to make sure you have something lined up before you do something drastic. Ok, I've got more advice, work hard in your time there, but remember its only a job and try not to take it with you when you leave at night. And don't work crazy hours either. When you leave, no matter what time it is, there will be work the next time waiting for you. And eat your vegetables. And lastly, give someone a hug. Its one of the few things that you can give that instantiously recipricates back to you. I feel like writing a self help book now. Jul 1st 2003 04:47:26 PM