Picture of the Day for 06-04-2004
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Here are the transmission lines that connect to the power plant. The lake water is also coming out of the power plant is about 20-30 warmer than the air out side. My co-workers however are looking the other way at something interesting.
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Admin Notice how we all have yellow hats on. I think its to signal to the workers that we have no clue what is going on and should be avoided in cases of emergencies Jun 4th 2004 05:34:12 PM
Admin BTW, I really like my yellow hat. Jun 4th 2004 09:56:17 PM
mh I am thinking of how you can enjoy your new hat. Maybe when outfitting for yard work, doing car repairs, etc ? Jun 6th 2004 02:21:28 PM
kimberly you think he does car repairs?!? that's funny mom! Jun 7th 2004 08:25:36 PM