Picture of the Day for 06-05-2006
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Toby and I can make waffles thanks to Mom's new mother's day present, the waffling iron. We got this for her, not so that she would have to make waffles, but as so we could make waffles for her on weekends. Here are two of those aforementioned waffles.
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Great Auntie Di Kim, your so lucky???? Jun 5th 2006 07:11:53 AM
Cousin Marcia Wow Kim, Not surprised that Aaron would think of an appliance for Mother's Day that would end up being an enjoyment of food for him??????? oh yes and Toby I'll bet he loves making waffles. Jun 5th 2006 07:46:34 AM
beth That's ok Kim, Glenn got me a cammo nightie one year...I would have rather had the waffle iron Jun 5th 2006 08:40:35 AM
Admin oh yeah, I've heard about this so called cammo nightie. Toby and I thought this was a good present for Mommy on Mother's day since we could make her waffles on weekends while she slept. Toby knows all the ingredients to make waffles. Jun 5th 2006 10:40:51 AM
Dr. Pepper Hmm, Kim is suspiciously quiet today. Jun 5th 2006 02:39:03 PM
kimberly i was at a spanish class. the waffles are yummy. toby is a good cook. too bad aaron's new health food lifestyle change probably doesn't include waffles. Jun 5th 2006 03:24:45 PM
Admin I had a turkey sandwich today with out mayo or mustard. It had no cheese on it either. AND it was pretty tasty. Jun 5th 2006 03:33:00 PM
mh keep eating waffles but the mayo should fade into memory Jun 5th 2006 04:45:24 PM