Picture of the Day for 06-05-2007
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Here's Auntie Amy and I getting into a full on gossip session. Did I ever tell you about the time that Jeremy got.....
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Correspondent Wine, NYC Poor Amy is in London on crutches. Apparently, and my sources have yet to confirm this, she was attacked by a large, spiny, irascible Atlantic beach urchin. Also of note, Nathan has been oddly unreachable during this time. Jun 5th 2007 06:42:38 AM
beth "one time...aaron and jeremy were little and Lani was trying to go on a date with cal...and guess who peed on ..." Jun 5th 2007 10:28:39 AM
Admin Actually, the date was some guy that soon left. For good. Jun 5th 2007 11:49:18 AM
beth good thing...cal rocks! Jun 5th 2007 02:36:29 PM
Yellow & Wet You say it like Cal never peed on anybody. Jun 5th 2007 05:14:03 PM
UK Nathan are you referring to me are you trying to imply I attacked her..... the hulk wouldn't allow it Jun 20th 2007 01:43:29 PM