Picture of the Day for 06-07-2006
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Toby is so slick. He got two chicks to go "swimming" with him while he was Nudie Boy. Even one of the girl's mom had to turn a blind eye to the event.
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Gr. bubbymarg Hi:The children look like they are having fun. It is so nice to watch them grow. Love, Jun 7th 2006 11:46:57 AM
Admin Today was a true test to my new healthy eating lifestyle. There were free breakfast tacos this morning at work. I took a banana instead. These were all you could eat free tacos. It almost killed me to bypass them. Jun 7th 2006 02:05:06 PM
The Blonde's Mom And look at that BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HAIRED GIRL...with her clothes on in the pool! What modesty! Jun 7th 2006 02:35:20 PM
Admin And just where was this girl's father during all this "good time"? Jun 7th 2006 03:40:31 PM
momma hansen Admin, I am very impressed. Bananas are nearly perfect--if only they crunched... or held salsa.... Jun 7th 2006 07:57:16 PM
Admin Just for the record. I just got back from bowling with my new bowling ball. I rolled a 720 series which included my highest game ever. A 287. Jun 7th 2006 08:58:10 PM