Picture of the Day for 06-08-2006
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Here is Avari, who was lured by the sweet words of the Tobinator to go swimming in his pool. I tell ya, he's one slick dude.
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Avari's mommie Again...at least she still has her clothes on! BTW...Glenn and I have survived 9 years together! Jun 8th 2006 08:43:27 AM
Admin Is that today? I just remember your brother in law throwing me into the pool. Congrats on 9 years of surviving. Jun 8th 2006 08:50:17 AM
beth it was yesterday...we celebrated last night...a lot Jun 8th 2006 08:58:45 AM
kimberly congrats beth and glenn. beth, you are a saint. Jun 8th 2006 02:52:53 PM
beth I think we both are Kim. Jun 8th 2006 03:07:03 PM
Unk J There's a distinct chance Beth is not a saint, but merely whacked out of her mind. Jun 8th 2006 03:45:24 PM