Picture of the Day for 06-09-2005
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We are going to have to wait a bit to see what Toby was pointing to in yesterday's pictures. It just hit me this morning that I have SIX days left in my water well adventure. I'm going to miss this place. However, the new place is really cool. Here is a picture of the front of the new place. It's almost sparklerly magical.
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JWine Where's my room? Jun 9th 2005 07:18:38 AM
Great Auntie Di I want a room too. What a neat looking house. Maybe I'll get to see this one. Good luck on your move, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon. Jun 9th 2005 07:30:01 AM
kimberly that front room with the three windows will probably be the guest room and we hope to have many of you use it often. Jun 9th 2005 09:57:50 AM
bubbymarg Congratulations Aaron and Kim. I hope you really enjoy your new place and have much happiness in it. It is just beautiful, I can hardly wait to see it. Love, Bubby Margaret Jun 9th 2005 07:27:05 PM
aunty beth welcome to the burbs! hahahahha...watch out...they will suck you in...soon kim will be playing Bunco with all the moms and aaron will be mowing the yard to compete...its a horrible cycle. seriously...house looks great...good luck Jun 11th 2005 08:50:23 PM
Nathan (UK) Nothing wrong with mowing the lawn, as long as its on a modified 80mph V8 sit on mower, we'll see who has the best mower then, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Jun 14th 2005 08:24:19 AM