Picture of the Day for 07-10-2006
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Got to take a break this week and clean up some pictures that have been sitting. Here is my new bowling ball. It is a Morich Shock and Awe. The second week I had this ball, I bowled a 289 game and my first 700+ series. My other old ball, a Brunswick Attitude 3, served me well these past nine years. I call this photo, A changing of the guard.
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Rob Have you bowled a 300 game? Or is 289 as close as you've gotten? Jul 10th 2006 12:02:20 PM
Admin This is the closest I've gotten. My score line looked like this: 9/ X X X X X X X X XX7 Plus that first spare was a deep deep strike ball that rang the ten. Jul 10th 2006 01:10:44 PM