Picture of the Day for 07-11-2003
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Seriously, those bottle rockets are dangerous. You get a lot of powder burns on your hands if you hold the bottle. However, if you are lazy, there is no other way to light them.
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John Shaft Ohhhh... so that's the friend you said would beat me up. I shoulda known. He's a bad mutha Jul 11th 2003 09:01:26 AM
Backup Singers SHUT YO MOUTH!!! Jul 11th 2003 09:01:57 AM
John Shaft I'm just talkin bout Ryan Jul 11th 2003 09:02:25 AM
Admin No one is going to beat up anyone else. This is a friendly love-in kind of a site. All we do here is group hugs and warm fuzzies. Jul 11th 2003 12:38:57 PM
Camera Women Again great camera work!!! Jul 11th 2003 03:01:32 PM
Ryan Take 17... one one thousand, two one thousand, 3 one thousand, 4!!!! Jul 11th 2003 04:17:07 PM