Picture of the Day for 07-11-2006
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I got a new accessory for my van. It's a sheepskin navy blue steering wheel cover. I took this awesome photo of myself leaving the bowling alley. Did I tell you I love my van?
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Admin I know a lot of you liked that dolphin photo from the other day, but in my opinion, this is a much better photo. Jul 11th 2006 01:39:27 PM
tahoeeddie yo aaron! when are you going to get the fuzzy dice and the crown air freshener to go along with that? does your van have curtains in the back too? if you want the t-man to be a pimp, you better start him early! Jul 11th 2006 02:06:00 PM
Admin The dice and the crown freshoner are no gos, but the curtains....hmmm... that might be done. I was thinking about shag carpet for the headliner and the seats with some tassle balls fringe for the headliner. I also have a bead on a free rally stripe that I'm still working on. Jul 11th 2006 03:31:42 PM