Picture of the Day for 07-11-2007
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I ripped my shorts in a rather peculiar area jumping into the u-haul van. Since we were on a tight time line, I couldn't change my shorts until 7 pm that night. The POD here is early on, the rip got worse and worse as the day dragged on and eventually a butt check was hanging out.
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Laurel Farrell Hi guys, I heard you moved the same weekend as the Farrells! Curiously, Lance had an underwear related moving event as well. He lost them. Except for the pair he was wearing and the ones in his gym bag. Jul 11th 2007 11:19:38 AM
tahoeeddie that's hawt! Jul 11th 2007 08:56:56 PM
England Kate Thank the good lord for underwear! Jul 13th 2007 12:41:17 PM