Picture of the Day for 07-01-2003
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Here is my desk as I leave it. I'm leaving the couch for others since I can't take it home. It will live in Invesmart forever. I hid quite a few business cards throughout the building. They'll be finding them for years.
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jenbland :( This is a true loss for Invesmart. Jul 1st 2003 09:53:57 AM
Bitter brother. Investupid. Jul 1st 2003 12:10:49 PM
Melissa@Johnson-Peach.com Good Luck Aaron! Jul 1st 2003 03:52:33 PM
Rob H. Your cube has never been so clean....or so lonely. We'll miss you, brother. Jul 1st 2003 06:56:23 PM
Your FIBI friends All I can say is NONE of us miss InvesFart! Jul 2nd 2003 08:06:06 AM
Admin Thanks for all the kind comments. You should see all the really nice emails I've been getting. A nice email is just like a big ol' hug. That should be your goal today. Give someone a nice personal email and feel warm and fuzzy all over. Also, I don't think anyone can call it InvesFart since I have left. I swear there was something in the water there. They could of powered my PC off of me. Jul 2nd 2003 08:52:16 AM
XOXO InvesNot. Hugs!!!! Jul 2nd 2003 09:14:00 AM