Picture of the Day for 07-12-2006
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I know you POD fans really like the cute Toby photos, so here is this week's offering. Toby and I had matching Detroit Tiger hats when we went to the grocery store, but he wanted to wear mine and I had to wear his. He thought this was funny.
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Bubby Lani You're right. We like cute pictures and this one is great. Jul 12th 2006 07:19:02 AM
Admin You mean yesterday's wasn't cute? Jul 12th 2006 08:02:10 AM
Abuelo Actually. it would be funnier to see you wearing his hat. Jul 12th 2006 08:13:56 AM
Great Auntie Di Since you are in the store, how is your healthy food diet going?? Jul 12th 2006 10:35:46 AM
Admin I've been doing really good. I only have had one breakdown where I had a double cheeseburger, onion rings, and then another cheeseburger. But other than that, in two months it's been nothing but healthy food with a very occasional treat. Jul 12th 2006 11:15:00 AM
bubbymarg Today's picture is beautiful, I appreciate your art, Hope all is going well. Stick to your diet and exercise, Your gr. grandfather Abie Ludwig, hit the dust at 52, your grandfather Seymour first heart attack, 46, your grandmother Wine, was in her fifties. so take care and watch yourself. Be a little like Bubbymarg. Love you, Take care of the ones I love. Jul 12th 2006 01:04:18 PM