Picture of the Day for 07-13-2005
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Rumor has it that Great Auntie Di has a lot of co-workers who lurk on this site. I challenge each and everyone of them to write a warm fuzzy POD comment today.
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laura.abbott@iowa.gov. Diane Rocks the Cubs!!! Jul 13th 2005 08:12:50 AM
slmedina@dmgov.org Auntie Di is great isn't she. She loves to party. Jul 13th 2005 08:15:27 AM
Deb I don't remember anyone taking pictures, but this looks like it was taken at our last staff meeting. Jul 13th 2005 08:16:48 AM
Great Auntie Di I look like the guy on Home Improvement that hid's behind the fence. Jul 13th 2005 08:20:58 AM
jmharris The picture of the day (7/13/05) is a familiar sight for us to see as her co-workers. We enjoy our "AA" (attitude adjustment) nights out with our favorite co-worker Diane. Jul 13th 2005 08:36:43 AM
Admin These are all great comments. I didn't have to edit a single one of them. That just shows you the power of the Great Auntie Di. Jul 13th 2005 09:20:10 AM
niece kimberly she's awesome! Jul 13th 2005 10:47:32 AM
kathy Your website is very, very cool Jul 13th 2005 02:57:49 PM
smith Hansen is the best!!!!! Jul 13th 2005 02:58:52 PM
Denise Not only is Diane a great auntie .... she's a great step-mom ..... Always have fun with I'm with her and Dad!!! Jul 14th 2005 10:01:38 AM