Picture of the Day for 07-14-2003
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Here is Betsy's pet prairie dog looking at me like I was part of the clan. Her prairie dogs are well behaved.
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Nathan That Prairie Dog looks like a leg with a sneaker on the end. The evil rat next to it looks like he might bite the Prairie Dog that looks like a Sneaker! Aug 29th 2003 10:22:45 AM
Anne CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Jul 14th 2003 09:18:36 AM
kimberly monkeypox! Jul 14th 2003 10:00:27 AM
Ryan GRRR! You beat me to the monkeypox punchline! Jul 14th 2003 10:28:41 AM
Admin These things don't carry monkeypox. People and monkies carry monkeypox. These things carry mange. This happens to be a mangeless variety. Jul 14th 2003 10:50:56 AM
Melissa@Johnson-Peach.com Hey, Betsy reminds me of Scurry. Remember Scurry, the P-Dog that lived at the InvesNot office? Jul 14th 2003 11:47:07 AM
Admin Betsy is my sister. This is her pet prairie dog. I thought that scurry the Invesmart mange holder was a groundhog. We got to ask Jeanie as she was good friends with scurry. Jul 14th 2003 03:43:15 PM
ba Yes , Scurry and Jeanie were super close. You can ask her what exactly he was and what shots are required after you get TOO close!!Jul 17th 2003 04:59:42 PM
Jeanie According to the whole that Scurry left in my hand - I believe he was a Freakin' Prairie Dog Jul 23rd 2003 06:56:15 PM
Jeanie Oh Yeah - that would be a Tetanus Shot to the arm in a clinic with 10,000 screaming children Jul 23rd 2003 07:00:49 PM