Picture of the Day for 07-14-2004
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Toby took part in a study for mind melds by infants. Right before the study this picture was taken and you can see his first tooth. I call this tooth, the Cletus tooth as it makes him look like his name should be Cletus. I SAID LOOK AT THE TOOTH!!!!!
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kimberly toby was a participant in a UT child psych study on the recognition of faces, namely mine. he did a good job and got a commemorative t-shirt. Jul 14th 2004 07:14:39 AM
Auntie Di I can't wait to see Mr. Toby (and his folks). The sweet corn is ready for you. One tooth?? Don't think Toby will be chewing on a cob. Jul 14th 2004 07:27:03 AM
kimberly mmmmm...sweet corn! Jul 14th 2004 07:48:45 AM
Admin I totally forgot about the sweet corn. Will it be in season when we get there? Jul 14th 2004 07:56:59 AM
Aunty Beth YOU TOOK HIM TO A (tu) CAMPUS???????? They probably brainwashed him to be a longhorn fan! I'm appalled! ;-) Jul 14th 2004 09:27:16 AM
Auntie Di The sweet corn is the best I've ever had this year. I'm sure Grandpa Steve will have plenty on hand when you get here. If he doesn't I will. Jul 14th 2004 09:31:57 AM
Admin uh, Beth, He outsmarted them.... Jul 14th 2004 09:45:06 AM
Admin I'm going to eat sweet corn every day and then bring some back with me and eat that every day till it runs out. Jul 14th 2004 09:46:27 AM
Bubby Lani Aaron, you will have to ship some corn back to us, since you will be lugging so much of Toby's stuff. Jul 14th 2004 08:14:31 PM