Picture of the Day for 07-17-2006
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Toby has mastered the computer. He always wants to play on it now. He has a game that is Dr. Seuss themed and can click, drag, drop matching games and letters, etc. He's not even 2 1/2 yet. I'm going to step up the learning curve and have him into databases by 4. Then, he'll be billable.
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Abuelo You better get an ergonomic work station for him or he will be filing a worker comp claim Jul 17th 2006 08:49:05 AM
nana Abuelo makes a very good point ! Jul 17th 2006 05:05:41 PM
kimberly i think they are trying to form a grandparent union, aaron. time to bust this up before it gets out of hand! Jul 17th 2006 05:13:19 PM