Picture of the Day for 07-18-2006
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So I got a new CD and Toby wanted to listen to it. Here he is rocking out on the headphones.
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Great Auntie Di. I can see it now. DJ Wine at your service. Jul 18th 2006 06:57:28 AM
Lisa Jo What's the new CD? A little Steely Dan, perhaps, if he takes after Mama Kim : ) Jul 18th 2006 12:44:52 PM
kimberly they were just in san antonio saturday, but alas, i didn't go. aaron gets them confused with van morrison. obviously he's not a fan. he probably has toby listening to some 2 chord space pop junk. Jul 18th 2006 12:47:12 PM
Admin Kim does listen to some pretty crappy music. I swear her favorite song is Zevon's Wearwolves of London. I'm going to have to balance Toby out with some good stuff. Jul 19th 2006 07:23:21 AM
kimberly you can lead me down the path aaron, but i won't stoop to making a werewolf joke about you. Jul 20th 2006 08:35:41 AM