Picture of the Day for 07-19-2006
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Watermelon is hilarious. You should of heard the slurping going on.
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Great Auntie Di So many good picture's. Watermelon, Sweet corn & BLT's. Summer is here. Thanks Jul 19th 2006 07:15:02 AM
Admin OOOooooh, we just got our first shipment of corn the other day too. I don't want to share with Toby. Jul 19th 2006 07:21:57 AM
kimberly maybe if there was a video, we could hear the slurping? Jul 19th 2006 08:56:29 AM
bubbymarg He is enjoying it so much I want to go out and buy some, what a cutie. Love Jul 19th 2006 09:51:51 AM
Great Auntie Di This years corn is the best I've had. Jul 19th 2006 10:04:09 AM
kimberly we tried to give him some sweet corn, but he didn't really go for it. oh well, more for us!! Jul 19th 2006 09:07:57 PM