Picture of the Day for 07-19-2007
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I know a lot of you want to see up the nose shots of yours truly, but you'll just have to suffer through more Griff Griff photos instead. My nose is sensitive.
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dak Oh come on, let's see the nose. Jul 19th 2007 06:04:54 AM
Rob The Griff sure cleans up nicely after wrestling with the spaghettios. Jul 19th 2007 06:31:32 AM
beth what happened to your nose? Jul 19th 2007 11:21:57 AM
Abuelo Is he palming that soccer ball? Impressive. Jul 19th 2007 01:12:35 PM
bubbymarg Well, the nose is something to bite on. Jul 19th 2007 04:26:18 PM
nana soccer talent big time ! Jul 19th 2007 05:30:01 PM