Picture of the Day for 07-20-2005
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I got to tell you, lake water is pretty nasty. Especially when you have to ask the environmentalists taking samples if its okay to wade thru it.
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kimberly ummm...admin...could you rotate the photo next time? i got a kink in my neck. Jul 20th 2005 07:04:56 AM
aunty beth you mean the world didn't tilt for that pic? whew...i thought we were about to fall off into space. Jul 20th 2005 07:43:24 AM
Admin This will be one of those 'special' pictures. Jul 20th 2005 09:00:49 AM
tahoeeddie man it looks like there's poop floating around in that water! Jul 20th 2005 10:55:05 AM
Admin It was stinky mud. Jul 20th 2005 02:17:26 PM
gpa eesh OK, so it wasn't quite Barton Springs... Jul 20th 2005 09:34:59 PM
kimberly we still had a good time there Jul 23rd 2005 01:59:12 AM