Picture of the Day for 07-22-2005
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Here is a picture of my feet. I wish my office was carpeted.
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JWine I wish my eyeballs were carpeted. Jul 22nd 2005 07:16:01 AM
Great Grandma Dorothy I agree with Jeremy. How about some cute pictures of Toby. I can't believe you go to your office with bare feet!!! Jul 22nd 2005 08:40:44 AM
England Kate And those legs certainly need waxing before being shown in such close proximity to the viewing public... Jul 22nd 2005 08:42:32 AM
tahoeeddie aaron, i wish your feet were carpeted. that'd be cool. Jul 22nd 2005 10:29:40 AM
kimberly umm, eddie, his feet kinda are. i'm with jeremy and dorothy on this one. hey kate, we hope all is ok in the uk! Jul 22nd 2005 11:47:14 AM
Admin Actually, this is the office in the new house. At work, I wear pants, socks and shoes, although sometimes the socks don't match. Jul 22nd 2005 11:57:10 AM
England Kate Kimberley, everything is fine here. I was in London when the second lot of bombs went off but thankfully I had decided about 10 minutes previously not to use the Underground. I got out of the city as quickly as I could - bit scary I have to say! Jul 25th 2005 02:04:05 AM