Picture of the Day for 07-26-2005
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With the new camera, I can take really good head shots of myself. Some day, I'm going to look back at this photo and say to myself, "man, what a lot of hair I had".
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tahoeeddie aaron, you know that casting directors really like to see B/W head shots better than color. Jul 26th 2005 06:36:08 AM
Admin Well, theoretically, this is a black and white head shot as the the balding area is in nice contrast to the black hair. Jul 26th 2005 09:38:49 AM
beth And I thought Glenn's hair was thin...you know what will be great...in five years, you and glenn put your tuxs on and go to sears and take another photo together Jul 26th 2005 12:00:01 PM
beth Chance said you're becoming lame and your pictures are boring...you are losing your coolness with the "me generation" Jul 26th 2005 12:48:00 PM
Admin Well, I need another side kick. One who will have a can do attitude and not try to talk me out of things. When does Chance get his driver's license? Jul 26th 2005 06:55:11 PM
Cam Aaron, I am moving back to Austin in a few weeks....side kick reunion? However, I now have someone to talk me out of being your sidekick which could hinder the efforts. I take myself out of the running...you need new blood! Jul 27th 2005 01:03:15 AM
kimberly camdog, you are welcome to be aaron's sidekick, in a more subdued form. he's not the same wild and crazy guy he used to be. i think tab would be ok with that, wouldn't she? glad to hear you are returning soon!!! Jul 27th 2005 07:51:24 PM
Admin Hold on a minute. I'm just as crazy as I was before, but alas, I have no sidekick. Well, at least until Toby is five. Then it's game back on. Unless, some purposeful person steps up. Jul 27th 2005 08:27:43 PM