Picture of the Day for 07-27-2004
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Ok, we're back from vacation. I didn't want to alert the robbers that we were going to be gone for 10 days. Everything went well. Here is a picture of the jet setting duo of myself and Toby as we catch one of our many flights.
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kimberly yup, toby is a pro traveller now!! we had a great time but now must rest. thanks to all in michigan and iowa! Jul 27th 2004 12:43:11 AM
Bubby Lani Great picture. I heard Toby was a terrific traveler yesterday. I'm impressed. Jul 27th 2004 04:32:42 PM
bubbymarg Hi: I am happy that you are back safe and sound. It was great seeing all of you. I enjoyed your visit very much as did all the family. I hope everything went well in Iowa too. Whenever things quiet down, please send me a note and tell me all about the rest of your trip. Love Oh, The neighbour who was talking with me went we got out of the pool came over to tell me what a beautiful child Toby is. I just had to tell you that. Jul 27th 2004 04:39:20 PM