Picture of the Day for 07-27-2005
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When you work on programs for electrical stuff, you sometimes have to learn some science. Here is our friendly engineer Gary, giving me a lesson on conductivitiy.
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Admin All that stuff is somehow related. I just smile and nod and people think I understand it. I'm just proud to know that what I do somehow helps turn the lights on and off. Jul 27th 2005 01:41:35 PM
Jwine, esq. Looks to me like the guy is figuring the tensile strength of a pair of tighty whities. Jul 27th 2005 03:45:17 PM
beth What the hell are you talking about? linear this...equation that? I thought Aaron majored in Food Science! Jul 27th 2005 04:03:50 PM
Admin Jeremy, that was hilarious. Thank you. Jul 27th 2005 08:26:01 PM