Picture of the Day for 07-28-2003
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I needed a battery for my camera so I went to Batteries plus. This is the sales guy who sold me the camera battery. He doesn't look thrilled with my battery purchase.
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Ryan Maybe it's displeasure from the unibrow? I always wondered where Bert went to work after Sesame Street. Jul 28th 2003 09:15:52 AM
Bob Hope Tribute I think he is going to bite your finger if you are not careful! Jul 28th 2003 09:33:12 AM
Website Critic What?? Are you running out of pictures? The battery guy? I protest...the historical scanned pics of college were better than this. :-) Jul 28th 2003 11:29:52 AM
Glen Reinhardt III This guy looks dumber than Chad! Jul 28th 2003 03:27:35 PM
Admin I would usually say be nice, but in this case I would say all the comments are good since the battery guy was kind of mean. Especially the Chad comment as Chad is Kilamijiru (sp?) smarter than Bert the Battery guy. Jul 29th 2003 06:56:08 AM
The real Glenn Reinhardt III? First of all, it's not a uni-brow. Manson jr. here just needs to touch up his tat. Secondly, with regards to my previous comments to Chad, I don't remember making them and I probably didn't mean anything by it. I especially don't remember spelling my name incorrectly either. Chad, you are MUCH more handsome than this dude. I love you Chad. Run away with me. Jul 30th 2003 12:39:16 PM
Chance Damn spelling Aug 4th 2003 09:22:58 AM
glenn Now my son is cursing? What is going on in this crazy POD world? Aug 5th 2003 12:58:12 PM
Admin yeah, seriously, there should be no fake aliases here. If this keeps up, I'll have to require people to log in with super secret passwords. Aug 5th 2003 01:59:09 PM
EditEdit Aug 5th 2003 04:17:35 PM