Picture of the Day for 07-29-2003
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I did a little demolition project this past weekend. The planter in the hallway is no more. Here is a picture showing the work in progress. Notice all the dust in the air that eventually settled everywhere.
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Ryan Ya know those dimensions of the planter look frighteningly similar to those of a new pinball machine. Make sure you let Kim know, because I'm sure if she knew that then you'd be hooked up. Jul 29th 2003 09:58:05 AM
the wife he can't afford a pinball game. Jul 29th 2003 10:50:50 AM
JWine Good thing that kind of logic is intrinsic to Aaron's thinking. By the way, Iowa corn was Phenomenal with a capital...well...you can tell just by looking at the word...it's already capitalized so I don't have to actually state it after the fact. It was good corn. Must thank the Hansens. Jul 30th 2003 10:17:07 AM
glenn I like corn! Years ago, during my bachelor days, a wise old sage of the Wine ancestry once told me, "if you like corn then you better eat all you can now because once your married ... NO MORE CORN!" I know your thinking that he must have actually said "porn" but that is not the case. We were specifically speaking of cream-style corn - eating cream-style corn - not wrestling in it. BTW, what is corn-pone? Jul 30th 2003 12:45:30 PM