Picture of the Day for 07-30-2003
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I'm covered in dust taking the old planter bricks out to the curb. The next day some brick theives came by and swiped the whole lot of them. I guess one person's trash is another person's treasure.
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Ryan Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you! Jul 30th 2003 01:08:04 PM
Professor Fink That is by far the most fascinating picture I've ever seen. Jul 31st 2003 08:16:41 AM
Admin If you liked the picture so much, then I believe you should get this photo on a T-shirt from the soon to be famous www.aaronwine.com T-shirt store. I'll even number it for you. Jul 31st 2003 08:33:55 AM
Professor Fink actually, if I wanted an aaronwine.com t-shirt, I would want that picture of your goofy mug on your last webcam broadcast Jul 31st 2003 10:40:19 AM
glenn I am thinking about ordering a t-shirt with the battery guy's picture on it but it would be really wierd if I ever ran into him while wearing it. (Chad might get jealous too.) Aug 1st 2003 01:46:04 PM
JWine We should all get that battery guy's picture and then go to the store and act like nothing is peculiar. Or better yet, go in one at a time over the course of a couple weeks, and when asked, just say you got it with some free promotion. Aug 4th 2003 09:20:22 AM
Admin I don't know how a picture of rocks and a dusty bottom erupted into a conversation about the battery guy's picture on a T-shirt, but let me interject that I think we should take Jeremy's idea and run with it. In fact we should take pictures of random people, make shirts of them and hang out at their place of business in a worship like fashion. The battery guy has no idea how popular he has become. Aug 5th 2003 09:30:27 AM
Admin If you think about it, the quickee mart guy has two shirts already of him walking around the streets of America. Aug 5th 2003 09:31:26 AM
glenn What quickee mart guy are you talking about? Aug 5th 2003 12:59:56 PM
Admin Check out the photo on 9/28/2001 and then check out the www.aaronwine.com store. Notice the resembalance Aug 5th 2003 02:01:16 PM