Picture of the Day for 07-03-2006
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Toby and Kim were fasinated by the underwater dolphin aquarium viewing area at the Texas Aquarium. I did not know this until we saw this exhibit, but dolphins have belly buttons. Plus guppies are not found in dolphin tanks.
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Cousin Marcia Aaron, what a magnificent picture, it is one that could win a prize. Jul 3rd 2006 08:47:50 AM
Buby Lani I agree with Marcia. This is a fantastic photo! Jul 3rd 2006 10:42:16 AM
Admin I think if you throw in a couple of dolphins in any picture, it becomes more fabulous Jul 3rd 2006 10:59:51 AM
Great Auntie Di What dolphins, I only see Kim and Toby. Jul 3rd 2006 01:55:14 PM
kimberly also known as the whale and the tadpole. Jul 3rd 2006 02:04:14 PM
Great Auntie Di stop it... Jul 3rd 2006 02:35:26 PM