Picture of the Day for 07-05-2004
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We had quite an arsenal for the fourth. Here are just some of the items as presented by Darren.
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bubbymarg Looks as if you had lots of fun. What did Toby think of all that noise and the fireworks?Looking forward with great anticipation to the 16th. Love, Bubbymarg Jul 5th 2004 12:03:27 PM
The Traweek It's Darren, in a chair with a beer, looks familiar... Jul 5th 2004 01:06:33 PM
Ryan Hooray fireworks!!! Next year I am fabricating a steel tube for the artillery shells. Jul 5th 2004 08:00:38 PM
Admin Make the tube half the size for a more closer encounter with fireworks. Toby slept thru all the fireworks. Next year I'll show him how to light a sparkler. I guess sparklers are like training wheels for bottle rockets and firecrackers. Jul 6th 2004 05:23:41 AM