Picture of the Day for 07-07-2003
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Ryan and myself make sure that the bottle rocket is safely away from us as we launch it. I have a half full beer in case the bottle rocket explodes and I need to douse it.
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Ryan HOORAY FIREWORKS!!!!!!!! Jul 7th 2003 09:20:36 AM
Rob H. Is that an Invesmart hat you're wearing, Aaron? Certainly, I must be mistaken. Jul 7th 2003 06:22:50 PM
Admin Yes it is. I love my Invesmart hat. It's a collectors item. I'll be emailing Tony tomorrow telling him about my purchase of only one of my options. I'll proudly frame my one share of Invesmart stock. Maybe I'll have my ex-coworkers sign it. That would be cool. Jul 7th 2003 09:08:16 PM