Picture of the Day for 08-01-2003
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It's a sad day today at www.aaronwine.com. Fan favorite Cameron is moving to Amsterdam this weekend. Here is his going away party that was a Dazed and Confused theme at the Top Notch. Good Luck Cameron.
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Cam's Largest Fan 350# Is there really anyone better at having their photo taken than Cam???I think not.Cam your one of the good ones.Partake on my behalf. Aug 1st 2003 01:43:27 PM
glenn At 350# I would imagine that is the largest fan any of us has. Aug 1st 2003 01:47:54 PM
Glenn's Largest Fan 450# Don't sell yourself short. Aug 1st 2003 03:36:37 PM
Glenn Well, well, well. You must introduce yourself, my portly poparazzo, my glandular groupie, my massive monomaniac. I will give you front row seat(s) at my next public appearance. (Currently scheduled to be either the gas station near my house of the pile of lumber someone is throwing out down the street. Look for the press release.) Aug 5th 2003 01:12:48 PM