Picture of the Day for 08-12-2005
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So last night, POD favorite brother made ABC's TV show, "Hooking Up". He played the part of "happy ending" guy for "Amy". Since I don't have any recent photos of Jeremy, here is his nephew posing in the bathtub as Unkee Jeremy would. Toby wanted his own credits and a "X" on his chest so you would know which one he was in this photo. I also think this photo caption has the most quotes of any POD photo. Here is a link of "happy ending" guy back in the swingin' single days. LINK
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" " " " Aug 12th 2005 07:20:34 AM
JWine Thanks, Toby. You've always been there for me. Aug 12th 2005 07:40:32 AM
Great Auntie Di should have used alittle more bubble bath for this photo. Aug 12th 2005 08:45:36 AM
Bubby Lani Toby looks camera shy, unlike his uncle Jeremy. Aug 12th 2005 03:33:43 PM
bubbymarg I don't believe Toby will ever be camera shy. Aug 15th 2005 06:49:34 PM