Picture of the Day for 08-16-2006
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Toby wants everyone to bowl well.
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Admin Oh, and there were a group of middle school girls bowling a few lanes down from us. Aug 16th 2006 07:36:39 AM
Unk J Toby's getting some quads. Aug 16th 2006 07:56:27 AM
Unk J I'd also like to point out that Toby's we're all winners approach is in stark contrast to the "Winner Takes All" philosophy of the gentleman in the background. Sportsmanship 1, Deliberately Mutilated T-shirt 0. Aug 16th 2006 07:58:24 AM
Admin Toby's getting some leg strength all right. He practices leg excersizes when throwing a tantrum. That and he can kick the hell out of a ball now. I can sign him up for soccer next year. Aug 16th 2006 08:25:42 AM
bubbymarg That is all part of growing up and showing your independence, thanks for sharing. Love Aug 16th 2006 02:13:05 PM