Picture of the Day for 08-17-2005
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Some people say that dolphins are one of the smartest animals. I disagree. The dolphins here did not smile for any photos, nor did they even stop swimming so people could take their picture. All they did was swim, looking for fish.
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kimberly i wish i was a dolphin. Aug 17th 2005 10:34:16 AM
Admin I just wish I had a dorsal fin. Aug 17th 2005 11:04:56 AM
Glenn "Wicket" Reinhardt Even if you did nobody could see it through all the hair. Who am I to talk, I look like a short Chewbacca from behind. I guess that would be an Ewok. Aug 17th 2005 02:02:05 PM
Abuelo The Dolphin is avoiding you because he doesn't want to be mistaken for a Tuna since he knows that humans are looking for fish to eat also and cannot seem to tell the difference. So who is smarter? Aug 17th 2005 02:35:43 PM
Admin If he's so smart, then why doesn't he have opposable thumbs and make fire in his pool? Aug 17th 2005 02:59:55 PM
kimberly a dolphin's job is to eat raw fish and swim. our jobs involve working said opposable thumbs to the bone for money to pay big bucks for sushi. who is smarter, indeed. Aug 17th 2005 08:44:55 PM
mh and what use do dolphins have for fire, anyway? Aug 18th 2005 06:14:30 AM