Picture of the Day for 08-18-2005
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Toby calls this a bear. It was really an otter. Although, I've never seen a googlie eyed fuzzy otter before this one.
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kimberly i think toby was remembering cubby bear from 7-14-2005. Aug 18th 2005 06:52:09 AM
England Kate I expect Toby is trying to decide who is the most scary ... the big hairy grinning one or the otter! Aug 18th 2005 07:25:50 AM
tahoeeddie to be quite honest, from this picture, he does look like a bear. we don't get to see his tail or flippers! Aug 18th 2005 08:26:35 AM
Glenn I would have guessed "Woodchuck" or "Marmot". Aug 18th 2005 09:10:26 AM
Abuelo The sailor hat is the key. Woodchucks don't join the Navy. I hear that Marmot enlistment is way down also. Aug 18th 2005 10:17:00 AM
kimberly the woodchucks are turned away due to the navy's "don't ask, don't tell how much wood a woodchuck could chuck" policy. Aug 18th 2005 03:11:07 PM
bubbymarg He certainly looks interested in this new toy. Aug 21st 2005 09:58:50 AM
R. Peach It has to be an otter, bears don't wear blue eye shadow. Sep 11th 2005 09:28:09 AM