Picture of the Day for 08-18-2006
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We got a shipment of Iowa corn a couple of weeks ago. Here is Toby enjoying one of the ears.
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Great Auntie Di Didn't I tell you it's the best corn ever this year. Aug 18th 2006 07:14:58 AM
Admin Yeah, he was totally ignoring the spaghetti. Aug 18th 2006 08:14:43 AM
Rob don't you mean b'sketti? Aug 18th 2006 03:26:57 PM
kimberly yes, it is b'sketti. i still say it that way. but he can say animal. do you still say aminal, uncle rob? Aug 18th 2006 06:25:52 PM
bubbymarg It looks so good and he is enjoying it so much, Tell him Bubby Margaret wants to share some with him. Good luck Kim and I hope the new little one comes to you early and that it is an easy delivery and a very healthy child. Love Aug 19th 2006 01:13:13 PM