Picture of the Day for 08-19-2005
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Here is Toby eating an ice cream waffle cone sundae at Sea World. Now, when you hear about waffle cone sundae you have images of quality ice cream, sprinkles, caramel or chocolate sauce and maybe a cherry or two. Not at Sea World. This 4 dollar ice cream is the same thing you can get at McDonalds for 39 cents. I suggest smuggling in an ice cream sundae. Since they check your bags at the gate, you'll need to hide in your pocket or underwear. They didn't go there.
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uncee Rob Judging by the remains on his face, it seems ice cream is ice cream to Toby. Where is this Sea World? Aug 19th 2005 07:26:03 AM
aunty beth We always have to stop at that ice cream stand. My kids have it internally programed. At least Sea World sells beer and gives out free samples! Aug 19th 2005 07:49:06 AM
England Kate Hope that's not one of the 'free samples' in Toby's cup!! Aug 19th 2005 08:14:43 AM
Great Auntie Di He wears his ice cream well. They are not very family $$$ friendly concessions are they Aug 19th 2005 08:26:09 AM
Admin I have to think Sea World is the most expensive place in the world. I guess having pet dolphins is quite expensive. Aug 19th 2005 08:46:09 AM