Picture of the Day for 08-21-2003
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Sorry about yesterday's no show on the picture. I can't FTP from my current job. New job starts Monday. In the meantime, the Fink came over last night and requested to be in a POD. Here is the Fink's official POD Premiere.
User Comment Entry Date
The Fink What a handsome man the Fink is! Aug 21st 2003 08:42:46 AM
Auntie Di Cong. on the new job from Iowa. How about trying for a job in Iowa and moving here. Aug 21st 2003 09:20:01 AM
Admin Isn't it like really cold in Iowa? Plus, how would I get to the bowling alley after work on Wednesdays? Aug 21st 2003 11:10:39 AM
Nathan Still You look like the scary ghost on the train in the Patrick Swayze Film Ghost that says get off my train. You know the one. He looks like you in the picture! Aug 22nd 2003 11:23:35 AM
Admin Nathan, that heat wave in England is frying your brain cells. No way, do I look like that guy in Ghost. No way. Aug 22nd 2003 12:32:20 PM
Nathan Me thinks though doth protest too much! Aug 29th 2003 10:14:07 AM