Picture of the Day for 08-21-2006
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We got Toby's first homework assignment from his new school. I think I was supposed to fill in his answers, but I thought I'd let him try to spell them out. I put the right responses in after he was done. I'd fail him, except give him an A for effort.
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Uncle Rob So what was his answer to the last question, favorite aminal? Aug 21st 2006 06:41:25 AM
kimberly he said tiger, but that is new. it used to be giraffe. Aug 21st 2006 07:37:18 AM
Admin I thought for sure he would either say frog, dolphin, pig or Superdog. Tiger was a complete surprise and he didn't even hesitate. I think this power animal represents his killer ambitions. Aug 21st 2006 07:55:25 AM
Cousin Marcia Toby, Cousin Marcia would pass you because of that gorgeous face and those fabulous big blue eyes. Aug 21st 2006 08:52:16 AM
nana what did he/you answer for I like to eat? Aug 21st 2006 04:50:24 PM
kimberly chicken. i think he was feeling pressure to answer, because watermelon or grapes is usually the answer. Aug 21st 2006 07:37:02 PM