Picture of the Day for 08-02-2005
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Here is Toby playing with his grandma in now is what his play room. Normally, this would probably be a formal living room, but who wants that?
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abubbymarg Everyone looks very happy, Nana and Toby especially so. Aug 15th 2005 07:00:17 PM
kimberly oh, that was a nice pic of toby's nanna, but as usual, you cut her face off. Aug 2nd 2005 08:29:08 AM
Glenn I think he is pretending he has boobs. Aug 2nd 2005 12:39:35 PM
beth my apologies...my husband is an idiot. Aug 2nd 2005 12:46:59 PM
kimberly beth, neither of us needs to apologize for our husbands being boobs. Aug 2nd 2005 02:09:20 PM
beth Kim You are right...this is the lot we drew in life, right? At least our kids are cute. Aug 2nd 2005 02:12:44 PM
Glenn I bet this is your first P.O.D. to solicit comments using both meanings of the noun "boobs." Aug 4th 2005 11:55:08 AM
Admin Yeah, All we need is a booby trap and the trifecta is complete. Aug 5th 2005 09:39:52 AM