Picture of the Day for 08-22-2005
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Today is supreme ulta Bubby's birthday. She is much older than Toby, but younger than Columbus who sailed the seas in 1492. The POD wishes her a very happy birthday. Yippee. Toby wants to type now here he goes: vvvbvbbdffnhcxcxvbjyterjyrtuyeeiiyzxss
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Great Auntie Di Here is wishing you a happy birthday from Iowa. Aug 22nd 2005 06:54:47 AM
kimberly happy birthday bubby!!! Aug 22nd 2005 08:20:55 AM
aunty beth Happy Birthday Lani! Aug 22nd 2005 12:33:39 PM
Admin It's Lani's mom's birthday. Also note the very nicely manicured lawn in focus behind the very sprinkler wet Toby. Aug 22nd 2005 12:54:30 PM
Jim Spencer Sprinkler?! I thought he was sweating because it is so hot in Austin :-) Aug 22nd 2005 03:50:11 PM
Bubby Lani Thanks anyway Beth. My mom turns 83 years old today. Just got back from visiting her. Aug 22nd 2005 03:51:12 PM
Great Bubby Margaret Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Aug 22nd 2005 06:12:13 PM
Admin Good observation Jim. I believe sweat glands are hereditary so you could be right. It was freaky hot that day. Aug 22nd 2005 07:48:10 PM