Picture of the Day for 08-22-2006
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Toby actually hit this ball with the bat without help. I'm going to work on his hitting on both sides on the plate because those guys make more money when drafted.
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Abuelo If you trying to cover all the bases, what about a golf swing (Tiger makes more than A-Rod)or maybe Austin's next tennis pro (Andy R is aging).And then there is the Tour de France. Aug 22nd 2006 08:45:06 AM
Rob I think he looks like a Yankee fan. Aug 22nd 2006 08:57:38 AM
Admin Sounds like too many carpools for me to join in. It will be one sport at one time. Aug 22nd 2006 09:27:59 AM
bubbymarg At least you are having fun Aaron. If you are doing so much now, what will you do with him when he is 10. Love Aug 22nd 2006 07:27:11 PM