Picture of the Day for 08-23-2004
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Quick vacation photo repreive for a Toby update. He has learned to sit and has two more teeth. However, he also has learned how to get up several times in the night and make lots of noise. Here he is in a happier mood.
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Bubby Lani This is definitely one of my favorites. Aug 23rd 2004 12:22:38 PM
Admin You just like this photo because Superdog is in the back yawning and Superdog is your favorite creature in the world. Aug 23rd 2004 12:37:47 PM
Brenda Toby is a definite player for commercials. Clothes, toys, anything! I would buy them with him in the ad. Aug 23rd 2004 01:40:09 PM
Uncle Albert With a smile that big, he must have a full diaper! Aug 23rd 2004 02:37:43 PM
kimberly he's my 19 1/2 lb ham!!! Aug 23rd 2004 07:02:18 PM
Aunt Nancy What a great smile! How will you ever say no to a face like that? Aug 23rd 2004 07:49:48 PM
Admin I tell him no all the time. He's got mobility now. Aug 25th 2004 06:06:01 AM
bubbymarg He is growing up so quickly, it is unbelievable, what a picture. Aug 25th 2004 07:38:31 PM
Marsha Chesnut He is soooooooo cute!! Aug 31st 2004 11:07:39 AM