Picture of the Day for 08-23-2006
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Everyone likes toddler / puppy pictures. I mean EVERYONE!!!! So you better like it or I'll find you via your IP and give you nuggies till it hurts.
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Great Auntie Di Is this a new addition to your family? Aug 23rd 2006 08:15:14 AM
Lisa Jo Like it? I LOVE it! And now that you're about to double the cuteness factor, you might need a wider lens to capture it all. Aug 23rd 2006 01:28:44 PM
shhh! Is this my new baby brother? He looks exactly liek Unkie Jeremy but with hair! Aug 23rd 2006 03:30:57 PM
Bubby Lani What a cute dog - who's is it? Tody sure likes him. Aug 23rd 2006 04:33:50 PM
Aunt Nancy What a shot! Aug 23rd 2006 08:08:08 PM