Picture of the Day for 08-23-2007
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The Griff goes from zero to one today. He gets a digit. Surprisingly, he still has that new car smell to him. <--Side Note to Griffin--> Griff. Awesome. I can't believe you are already one. You have the perfect demeanor already and I don't think you are going to change. The next 75 years for me are going to be exciting with you around. Thanks. <--End of side note-->
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Nana Happy Birthday, Snickerdoodle! Aug 23rd 2007 04:55:45 AM
Bubby Lani One year old and already so many nicknames--(Griff,Griff), Griffy, The Griff and a new one from Nana. You have certainly left your mark. Happy Birthday, Love, Bubby Aug 23rd 2007 09:04:45 AM
Uncle Jeremy I love soccer. But I love you more. Aug 23rd 2007 12:05:05 PM
Uncle Albert Happy birthday Griff. Maybe we'll get to meet one of these days. Aug 23rd 2007 01:26:22 PM
Gpa Eesh Happy Birthday Rooster! Aug 23rd 2007 03:49:18 PM
kimberly i love you sweet-sweet boy!! Aug 23rd 2007 05:42:10 PM
all the O'Keefes What a face! Happy Birthday Griffin! Aug 23rd 2007 06:14:06 PM