Picture of the Day for 08-23-2009
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Three is a magic number. Yes it is. The Griff is now a three year old and his party was one of those days that made being his father amazing. The Griff was so appreciated of everyone celebrating his birthday with him. It's just a good life I have with him in it. Thanks, Griff.
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aunt lynneHappy Birthday, Griffin! We'll celebrate your 3rd and your old Uncle Dak's 60th when you come visit on Friday!Aug 24th 2009 12:11:09 AM
Bubby LaniGriffy's reaction to his birthday was a treat to behold! It could not have been cuter and makes my eyes water just thinking about it.Aug 24th 2009 08:34:40 AM
kimberlyIt isn't the number 3 that is magic, it is Griffin.Aug 24th 2009 06:14:37 PM
Uncle DakHappy Birthday. We can have a party together!Aug 24th 2009 07:11:09 PM