Picture of the Day for 08-27-2003
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Pretty important day today for your protagonist. I start the new job today. Also, Kimberly is coming home from Iowa with her future Grandfather. Here is a picture of them in front of the Pork Chop on a stick stand.
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Inquiring minds Please give us info on your new job. Aug 27th 2003 08:56:33 AM
ct I thought he was junior's grandfather? Aug 27th 2003 11:21:17 AM
bwine Aaron it's your sis. We just got our computer p and running and wanted to say hey! Aug 27th 2003 11:57:13 AM
Ryan Kim looks like a Scientologist searching the sky waiting for the mothership to arrive. Aug 27th 2003 07:44:31 PM
Admin Betsy, welcome back to the information age. Shoot me an email. Aug 28th 2003 06:57:40 AM
Admin The new job is doing web development for other companies. My first day was pretty normal, fill out paperwork and try to pick up on where projects are and what I'll be doing. Today they are bringing in a person who does massage and letting everyone de-stress for 15 minutes. The company is about 25-30 people. They all seem nice. I think that before the end of the year, I'll have the webcam back at work. Aug 28th 2003 06:57:58 AM
Admin I guess I could of worded it better, yes, he is going to be Aaron/Erin junior's future grandfather. Aug 28th 2003 06:59:56 AM
Nathan Surely you mean he is going to be Batmans grandfather! Aug 29th 2003 10:16:38 AM