Picture of the Day for 08-27-2007
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Unkee Rob took me along to his golf tournament. I wasn't very good, but had a great time. This photo is one of the few times that I crushed the ball straight. I'm standing on my drive from the tee box way way way off in the distance.
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Bubby Lani From this distrance Uncle Rob still looks like Uncle Jeremy to me. Aug 27th 2007 07:15:22 AM
kimberly probably the only time you guys were standing up straight Aug 27th 2007 06:45:16 PM
mh Rob's off fishing in the wilderness so he can't testify one way or the other. Aug 27th 2007 07:53:47 PM
Admin And let me iterate that the only reason I had problems standing up was the unusually tepid air temperature and not the beer consumed. Aug 27th 2007 09:27:26 PM